OOTD: Tulip Festival


So this past weekend was the Tulip Festival here in Ottawa and I happened to go on a very nice sunny day. Happy coincidence or great planning.. who knows? Anyways, with days like these I love to be able to wear a nice summer themed dress which makes me feel good as well as matches the colour palette outside LOL.

tulip 2


I’d like to start off by saying this dress really surprised me. As a person who’s barely 5 feet tall it’s extremely difficult to find flattering dresses and especially longer ones. This dress sits just past my knees on me. It’s a-line style but it hugs me in the important spots such as my waist and chest so i don’t look like the fabric is wearing me versus the other way around. This colour also looks good on pale skin so I would definitely recommend it and its ESPECIALLY a great colour for the transition of spring to summer.


tulip 1


The back of the dress is also something that sold me on it. It has a criss-cross shape while still keeping an open back for hot days such as this past Saturday. I am still absolutely in love with it and I’ve had this dress in my closet for a while now. I tend to get bored of my clothes very quickly (which is a huge fault and why I’m such a shopaholic) BUT I have a feeling I won’t get tired of this piece too quick 🙂


tulip 3


I paired this dress with a cute black over the shoulder satchel and beige sandals. Also added this picture because it was absolutely hilarious to me that I’m shorter than this tulip. The links for what I’m wearing will be below:


Dress- ARITZIA- Aveline


Shoes- ALDO- Sandals

Sunglasses- WARBY PARKER- Hammond


Thanks for reading and til next blog 🙂

Springtime OOTD

Hey Friends!!

It’s getting warmer here and Ottawa but the wind is still pretty strong. Such a tricky time of year for picking outfits because it’s so hot in the sun yet freezing in the shade. I’ve decided to tackle today with a simple sweater and jeans combo. This outfit is extremely practical and comfy! It was nice to wear something which made me feel good as well as was appropriate for the temperature. It’s great for lazy days where you need to go out and look decent as well as days which you don’t really want to do anything.



This OOTD is great for a spring day due to its warmth but also breezy qualities. The items from this outfit are listed below! I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather by wearing my ripped mom jeans. I paired these with a nice belt because I need to cinch my waist which flatters my petite frame due to my waist being the smallest part of my body. I wore my casual sports bra (which is more like a cropped shirt) because I needed a tight top to pair with these looser jeans to create dimension and structure to this outfit. Being too loose and heavy looking all round can make my small body look like it’s drowning in fabric LOL. It can be difficult to style things that work for my size and body type but my rule is to always wear something tight on the opposite part to contrast the other part where I’m wearing something looser.



Jeans: ASOS- Ripped Mom Jeans

Cropped Shirt: PARKLIFE- Power Play Bra

Sweater: ADIDAS- Front Zipped Hoodie


Thanks for reading and til next blog 🙂


There’s a first for everything…

Hi Friends!

As the title might’ve led you to believe, this is my very first blog post! I thought I should outline some of my goals and hopes for this blog as well as how I would like to connect with you all.

A little about me would be that I’m currently 20 years old and studying Media and Communications with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I’ve always loved anything and everything related to beauty and fashion but I would constantly find myself too shy or not confident enough to post about it on my social media accounts. I’m trying to find my groove within this industry as well as expand my creative mind. I’ve always loved reading and writing so I figured that blogging might be the most fulfilling transition into expressing myself in this way.

This blog is meant to provide content from my everyday life to how I style myself to beauty trends I enjoy. My reasoning for making this blog was to provide myself with an outlet with the hopes of expressing my pent up artistic aggression on you all. My goals are to connect with a following which enjoy the same things I do and wouldn’t mind talking as well as comparing. I am by no means an expert in any way shape or form so this blog is to help me widen my artistic horizons and push boundaries.


Placeholder Image

Along with any millennial, I’m obsessed with aesthetics. Anything that is aesthetically pleasing or is beautiful in some way, I absolutely love.  In the Life section of this blog, I’ll be talking about food I’m into, lifestyle hacks, places to see and things to do!

Now, I’m in no way stating that I’m a cook or I’m good at making food BUT since I’m most likely not alone in my non well-versed kitchen lifestyle, I will post recipes and ideas for other simpletons who just don’t have that cooking bug. Along with food I would like to post lifestyle hacks for everyday life because I find those tips and tricks help me enormously.

My home has always been Ottawa, Ontario so as a native I think I’ve got some experience in what to do, see and eat in this city! I will be posting these kinds of travel guides for those just passing through our beautiful capital. I’m also a huge travel lover so there will be some updates, stories and tricks along with my trips so you can all learn from my mistakes LOL.



For all of my naturally beautiful people out there who still want to wear makeup (even though they’re already gorgeous) I’ve got some ideas for you! I plan on making this section all about my makeup hacks as well as experiences I have with various products. I will be making “Monthly Favourites” posts to let you guys know some products that I’m really currently loving as well as some that just didn’t live up to their hype.

I’m all about the “looks like I’m not wearing makeup” look so this section will be a lot of that. In my mind it’s about accentuating what you’ve got without creating what you don’t have through makeup. Again I’M NOT AN EXPERT so these are just my personal opinions and experiences that I want to share with all of you beautiful people.



I don’t know if it’s just me but fashion is so inter-changeable that sometimes I just can’t keep up with all the current trends. I hope that in keeping this blog I can encourage myself to get creative and think of ideas which are similar to popular trends but have my own sort of twist on them. I also want to show petite girls that you CAN wear what you want.. if you know how to do it. As a woman who’s 5 feet tall, I live the daily struggle of finding clothes which fit my body properly and accentuate my best features. I hope to shed light on some clothing trends that may seem to be for the tall and skinny but can be for the petite as well!!

Fashion has always been something that I use to not only express myself but also that gives me a sort of silent confidence. The saying of “if you look good, you feel good” always applies! In my eyes, if I don’t look good I won’t get anything done. But if I’m feeling myself, I will definitely feel like I want to be productive. This may not apply to all of you but this is just how I feel. So, this section is really just to encourage self love and body positivity by choosing clothes FOR YOU and which make you feel like the best.

Thanks for reading and til next blog 🙂

Midi Formal

Hi Friends!

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in Ottawa which calls for fresh food and clothes! I went to a formal event this past weekend so picking what to wear was a bit of a tricky task. Trying to find something that looked classy, elegant and tasteful while still showing accentuating my petite body. This is a very difficult task for many petite so I wanted to give an example of what I do for times like these!

Buckle your seatbelts because today I’ll be tackling the midi dress. This dress defies all the rules petite girls are meant to live by because this dress goes mid calf and this has always been said to make short girls look even shorter! The trick of wearing a midi dress is for it to hug the waist as well as the heels to be pointed. By hugging the waist you can accentuate the smallest part of your body which is always flattering and the pointed shoes are meant to make your legs look longer which is extremely important when wearing a midi dress.

To my formal event I wore a very tight midi dress with pointed heels and it not only made me look taller but it was extremely flattering! To all my petite ladies out there, YOU CAN WEAR MIDI DRESSES… if you do it right 🙂


Dress: Aritzia

Shoes: Steve Madden

Have a lovely day everyone 🙂