Springtime OOTD

Hey Friends!!

It’s getting warmer here and Ottawa but the wind is still pretty strong. Such a tricky time of year for picking outfits because it’s so hot in the sun yet freezing in the shade. I’ve decided to tackle today with a simple sweater and jeans combo. This outfit is extremely practical and comfy! It was nice to wear something which made me feel good as well as was appropriate for the temperature. It’s great for lazy days where you need to go out and look decent as well as days which you don’t really want to do anything.



This OOTD is great for a spring day due to its warmth but also breezy qualities. The items from this outfit are listed below! I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather by wearing my ripped mom jeans. I paired these with a nice belt because I need to cinch my waist which flatters my petite frame due to my waist being the smallest part of my body. I wore my casual sports bra (which is more like a cropped shirt) because I needed a tight top to pair with these looser jeans to create dimension and structure to this outfit. Being too loose and heavy looking all round can make my small body look like it’s drowning in fabric LOL. It can be difficult to style things that work for my size and body type but my rule is to always wear something tight on the opposite part to contrast the other part where I’m wearing something looser.



Jeans: ASOS- Ripped Mom Jeans

Cropped Shirt: PARKLIFE- Power Play Bra

Sweater: ADIDAS- Front Zipped Hoodie


Thanks for reading and til next blog 🙂



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