April Beauty Favourites

I don’t know if you are all aware but its SPRING… which means less is definitely more. I try to keep my makeup minimal year round but spring and summer are definitely seasons where my makeup laziness kicks in. I’ve put together some Beauty MUST HAVES that I definitely enjoy but think some of you would too!



For someone with pale combination skin it gets to be extremely difficult to find a foundation which not only compliments my skin tone but also keeps my skin to behave. I first came across this foundation last February and have been OBSESSED ever since. I always used to have a sort of orange tint with other foundations but this one really does stay true to my vampireesque skin. It also takes a while throughout the day with this foundation for it to become visibly oily. This is very rare for me and makes this foundation a true essential.




AHHHH WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH THIS PALLETTE!!! I believe I’ve owned this palette for about 2 years now and I’ve never been let down yet. The pink undertones and flattering hues which it contains really compliments paler skin and makes me feel some type of way. You can go from work au naturel to nighttime smoky through one swipe in the crease. I really could go on all day so I’ll try to stop now LOL.



Now I’m not claiming to be anything close to a beauty guru in any way but contouring with this palette has done wonders for me. For someone who’s a little bit of a beginner when it comes to contouring and things, this palette is perfect. It had three basic shades for contouring with one to highlight with as well. The simplicity is intoxicating and I’m in love. I usually put this on and then add a little bronzer over top to give more of an overall glow. (P.S. Before you ask, yes, I do need the bronzer because without it I look pale like I don’t even have a pulse.)




Lastly, I have a fairly new product which I just recently discovered. I had spent years searching for a moisturizer which hydrated my skin yet didn’t cause it to get oily. This moisturizer has been a very fresh discovery and I’ll never let it go! It makes a great light base under my foundation as well as concealing the oil the best it can. I’m actually considering buying the whole face oil control set and see if they’re just as good. I’ll let you all know if I do 🙂


You can find all the products I mentioned here!

Liquid Foundation: MAKEUP FOREVER- Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation

Eyeshadow Palette: URBAN DECAY- Naked 3 Palette

Contour Palette: TOO FACED- Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection

Face Moisturizer: OLEHENRIKSEN- Oil Control Hydrator



Thanks for reading and till next blog 🙂


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